Personal or corporate tax troubles?


We are your professional solution for tackling the complex world of finance and taxes. We have been helping individuals and businesses with their taxes since 1993.



Our clients have a wide variety of tax needs; we stay focused on them to be sure they comply with IRS rules and only pay the amount which they are required to by law.



With extensive management experience in a large corporation, we understand the complexity of corporate finances. We also have extensive experience as an educator so we can clearly explain your unique tax situation to you.



Our friendly staff will insure that your tax visit and any required follow up visits will be pleasant and enjoyable.

"Tax time can be tense at best but having a knowledgeable professional like Mr. Thompson puts my mind at ease. He stays up to date on the latest tax regulations and keeps his clients informed."

-  Renee T.

"I've been going to Tax Teachers LLC for over 10 years, and with their low prices and quick reliable service, their knowledgable and friendly staff have consistently made the hassle of tax season a thing of the past!"

- Shaun P., satisfied customer since 1997

" For years I've been frustrated with major discrepancies on my tax refund. My husband did our taxes online and I've been around the H&R Block a few times with different well-known companies. I was given Bob Thompson's number from a friend I worked with and thought I would experiment. I splurged and hired a well-known tax company to do my taxes and I hired Bob to do them as well. The difference in my refund was staggering. I shared the wealth with a girlfriend of mine who was discouraged with her tax predicament. She found herself owing a lot of money, her brother was an accountant and figured up her debt. She contacted Bob and not only received a small refund, but was able to file on past discrepancies. My daughter works and goes to college, she'll trust no one else with her taxes. I recommend highly his service before any other. "

- Linda W.